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Nicholas Krauss

Injury Recovery Coach | BCN, BHC, IG

Nicholas is a Board Certified Neurofeedback Practitioner, Brain Health Coach, and Interactive Guided-Imagery Guide.  Graduating with an Exercise Science degree from St. Olaf College in Minnesota, he then furthered his studies with the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA) and mentor JoAnne Scott RN, BCN at Biofeedback of Jackson Hole located within St. John’s Hospital of Jackson, WY.  Nick has been extremely fortunate to study under world-renowned Dr. David Bresler at the Academy of Guided Imagery where he was trained to use powerful communication techniques to elicit psychologic and physiologic changes within the brain and body.  Furthermore, Nick received his Brain Health Coach title from Dr. Daniel Amen of the Amen Clinics, known to be the leading clinics in brain imaging and treatment.  Grateful for all those who have helped him achieve his dreams thus far, he cannot imagine doing anything else.

Nick’s foundation for his work comes from a deep respect for the intelligence life displays through our complex ability.  With a passion for sports and determination to understand how the body & mind learn, Nick strives to assisst his clients to reach their full potential through nervous system education, brain health exercises, brain health nutrition, neurofeedback training,  and visualization therapy.  He believes that each and every person holds the answers necessary for their own success, healing, adapting, and learning.

“I’ve healed faster than the doctors told me I would. Nick’s point of view on the brain and body along with the skills he taught me had a huge affect on my recovery.”

Why Work With Me?


Like many of you currently visiting this site, I have been an athlete my entire life, pushing myself year after year to get better and play in higher leagues.  Whenever you’re pushing yourself to break unknown barriers you need to take risks.  Unfortunately, injury and athletics are fated together.  

One of my more memorable experiences happened during summer 3vs3 hockey league.  I’ve been working extra hard to be my best for the upcoming year when it happened.  An opposing player driving the net from the left side collided with my defenseman.  The quickness of play during hockey can only be understood from experience.  The next thing I remember is sitting in my butterfly in a daze.  There was no pain, only confusion.  Upon slowly taking off my helmet, I felt the rush of blood down the side of my head, past my ear, and dripping off my chin.  The result of my head being crushed between the goal-post and my defenseman’s hip was an undiagnosed concussion.  But why the blood?

The week before I noticed one of the pad’s on the inside of my helmet lost its glue and wouldn’t stay in place.  So I took it out and left it in my bag.  The pad was in place to protect my skull from the exposed screw.  Upon impact of my defenseman’s hip, the screw entered my skull, a scar that still grabs my attention to this  day.  

How I Can Help


Pain Management


Brain Health


Sleep Optimization


Cognitive Perforance


Re-Injury Anxiety


Focus & Motivation


Skill Acquisition