The Art Of Injury Recovery

Injury Recovery is a skill that everyone can master. Learn how to harness your body's natural ability to heal and optimize your brain's cognitive function to regain peak performance effectively and efficiently.

Our Mission

To redefine the meaning of injury and make the skill of injury recovery so clear to master, that fear of being re-injured becomes obsolete.


Your nervous system’s health, balance, and ability to communicate effectively with precision, directly deteremines how quickly and full your recovery from injury will be.  Throughout all of our courses you will learn:

1. How your nervous system acquires and organizes information from any experience.

2. How your nervous system determines what’s important to promote within, and what it can let go. 

3. How this all applies to your injury through your voice, actions, and attention.


Education is only a part of the mastery process.  Application of the education is our secret sauce.  We work hard to train you how to effectively utilize your new understanding of the nervous system to:

1. Balance your nervous system to optimize your body’s internal-environment for ideal healing.

2. Re-program neural patterns associated with your injury and ability to eliminate unknowns, fear, self-doubt, distraction, restriction, and/or dependency.

3. Enhance skill-acquistion, sleep habits, decision-making, focused attention, and goal setting.


We strive to teach you how to speak your OWN language, and communicate fluently as your own unique self.  In fact, our vision is to help all athletes celebrate and share their individuality with courage, clarity, and self-acceptance.  Our process is designed for you to become your own leader in what ever life you want to live.  A process that can be applied and re-applied to every aspect of your life, not just injury recovery, but any age or stage.

“I’ve healed faster than the doctors told me I would. Nick’s point of view on the brain and body along with the skills he taught me had a huge affect on my recovery.”

The North Face Photographer– Savannah Cummins